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Oral Health: Know Your Enemy and Defeat It


It’s incredible and saddening to see how much diseases all over the world have grown. On this article we will talk about issues regarding oral health and how you can solve them. There’s an enemy you need to recognize in order to defeat it.

We won’t focus on accessory causes, but rather on the main one… the food you eat. We need to start recognizing that we have a problem and that our diet is not the right one. We are eating food that’s damaging our bodies and our teeth, and we need to stop this NOW.

2Tooth decay and extreme sensitivity, along with other issues which affect the tongue and gums, are caused by a poor diet. That’s it. Not a lot of people are ready to acknowledge it, but our food is damaging us in many senses.

The enemy is our diet. But we need to defeat it in order to transform it into something good. And how can we claim our victory? It’s kind of simple: we need to recognize that it’s not ok and that it’s destroying us. Then, we need to take the appropriate steps and actions towards fixing it.

As simple as that. But changing lifetime nutrition habits is not as easy as it sounds. The problem here is that a lot of people try to change their nutrition habits overnight, and it’s not possible. You need to change them slowly and with extreme care, otherwise you will end up frustrated.

You must learn to eat more vegetables, but in order to do this you will have to learn to prepare them very well, so you can see that veggies are tasty and a good companion for your meat.

3Veggies must have their place in every plate of food you eat. They must be at least the 40% of your plate, because they are the main building block. They are going to supply the vitamins and nutrients needed to revitalize your body and bring to your teeth a very good appearance.

But it goes beyond cooking in fact, you also need to schedule your foods. You should reserve the weekend to eat some “forbidden” foods. This routine will minimize their impact and allow you to relieve the stress. Slowly you will see that you can live without those forbidden foods, but this is a slow process. It cannot go too fast, otherwise you will end up frustrated.


Now you know the enemy. It’s time to defeat it and transform it into something good. Change the way you eat and your life will be transformed. You will feel a lot better and your teeth will shine like gems.